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10/24/2015 16:00

Fourth-annual Deaf-Blind Symposium

  Brian writes: We held our fourth-annual Deaf-Blind Symposium for teachers participating in the Deaf-Blind Specialization Program at San Francisco State University (SFSU). It was a celebration of learning, sharing experiences, and of course – the children, parents, and educational teams we...


10/22/2015 13:09

Halloween Holiday Tips (Julie's suggestions for parents to help children enjoy the holiday even more)

Include all of the senses: What senses can your child use to explore pumpkins both inside and out, or masks and costumes, or dry leaves and hay bales and Halloween decorations? Explore the senses of touch, texture, movement, smell, and taste together with your child with these seasonal items in...


08/24/2015 13:53

Student Reflections - Closing Ceremony 2015

by Graduates of the Specialization Program in the Education of Students Deaf-Blindness at San Francisco State University In the fall of 2014, the Moderate-Severe Disabilities Program at San Francisco State University received a four-year federally-funded personnel preparation grant to prepare...


06/16/2014 09:03

Julie: “Congratulations! So, what’s next?” Lessons to be learned from living in the moment

Right about this time last year we were chatting at a CDBS staff meeting about how we were moving into graduation and summer wedding season. I remarked to Maurice—wasn’t it interesting, and a little ironic, that at a time of big accomplishments and new beginnings, what inevitably happens is the...


04/21/2014 09:16

Gloria: It's not goodbye, it's "until we meet again"

This week will be my last day at work with CDBS after almost 15 years. Working for CDBS has been a journey of growth and service alongside the most amazing people. This is what happens when you work in the field of deaf-blindness. Everybody involved gives their best, from the children who are...


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