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Gloria: It's not goodbye, it's "until we meet again"

04/21/2014 09:16

This week will be my last day at work with CDBS after almost 15 years. Working for CDBS has been a journey of growth and service alongside the most amazing people. This is what happens when you work in the field of deaf-blindness. Everybody involved gives their best, from the children who are deaf-blind, to their families, to the service providers who serve them.

I want to begin by thanking the CDBS staff -Maurice, Pam, Myrna, David, Julie and, in the last few weeks, Lisa, for their support and wisdom. I want to thank the families for opening their homes, sharing their concerns and listening to what I had to offer. I want to thank the children who are deaf-blind for allowing me to observe them, to videotape them, to work with them, for being so patient with me. I want to thank all the service providers for collaborating with me.  I want to thank the CDBS Advisory Committee for listening and giving advice. I want to thank the network of deaf-blind projects that, like CDBS, do their best with little resources. I want to thank NCDB for creating resources that facilitated my work.

What I learned from this experience is that the most important thing is people, people coming together trying to do the best they can. The field of deaf-blindness is small but strong. The strength comes from the challenges that deaf-blindness present us, but also from the example families and children demonstrate. They fight every day to overcome what others would think the impossible. Yes, we do the impossible. This is what I learned.

Now it is time for me to continue my journey. I will the next Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean for Perkins International at Perkins School for the Blind. I feel blessed for this opportunity. I will remain in the field of deaf-blindness, support Perkins International’s initiatives in this part of the world, and be closer to my Latin American roots.

I will always remain in debt with all of you. 

If you need me, don’t doubt. Contact me at Perkins International. You’ll find my contact information online.





Topic: Gloria: It's not goodbye, it's "until we meet again"

Date: 04/21/2014

By: Gail Leslie

Subject: Not Goodbye!

You have poured such positive energy into the field, and more than just me have been the beneficiary. You remain a marvelous source of knowledge and perspective. Good luck in your new venture and I believe we will still feel the good vibrations that you create for families and children.