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Fall 2018 (Vol. 23, No. 1)


PLEASE NOTE: This issue was written during our prior grant cycle and references our prior grant number and Project Officer.

For information on our current grant and project officer, please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.


In this issue:

  • Frequent Breaks: Fact Sheet - by Stacy Aguilera, CDBS Educational Specialist
  • Tricia Houlihan: California’s First Credentialed Intervener - by Maurice Belote, CDBS Project Coordinator
  • Preparing Teachers for the Field of Deafblindness...- by Julie Maier, CDBS Educational Specialist
  • Reflections from the Field: Intro by Julie Maier, CDBS Educational Specialist
  • Articles by Interns in the SFSU-CDBS Specialization Program for Learners with Deafblindness

  •     Reflections on “Facilitating Inclusion...” - by Claire Pohle
  •     Moments from the DeafBlind Conference of the Americas - by Nicholas Leung
  •     Reflections on “Empowering the Deaf-Blind...” - by Tesha Henderson
  •     Beep! Beep! It’s the Annual Beeper Egg Hunt! - by Yasmir Navas
  •     Reflections on Parent-Teacher Relationships in the School Setting - by Mary Spaulding
  •     Reflections on Donna Snyder’s “Experiences of Families...” - by Adrian Adair
  •     Using technology to enhance engagement for all learners - by Charles Beavis
  •     Who is ‘Awesome Student’? - by Charli O’Malley
  •     Sammy’s Lessons - by Kayla Kenton, Special Education Teacher

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