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Understanding Deafblindness: Issues, Perspectives, and Strategies

05/13/2009 14:19
  • Understanding Deafblindness: Issues, Perspectives, and Strategies

Edited by Linda Alsop and published in 2002 by Hope, Inc.

Understanding Deafblindness represents an outstanding overview of all major issues related to deaf-blindness.  The easy-to-use format includes plenty of illustrations, diagrams, and “points to remember” sidebars.  The two-volume binder set is divided into the following chapters: psychosocial aspects; concept development; intervention; vision; hearing; touch; sensory integration; neurological issues; health; communication basics; early communication; communication and interactive relationships; calendar systems; the van Dyke perspective; family issues; self-determination; behavior; gross motor; fine motor and play; O&M for infants and young children; O&M for adolescents and young adults; daily care and self help; IFSP/IEP; physical activity, PE, sport and recreation; social/sex education; transition; and community support.  As of this writing, the cost for the set is $175 and is available through Hope, Inc. (