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Gloria: The Communication Matrix Evolving into a Virtual Community

02/24/2014 13:09

The Communication Matrix has been an invaluable tool to assess expressive communication for individuals who are at the earliest stages of communication. It was first published in 1990 and soon it was accessible online, making it an online product that could be accessed from anywhere in the US and in the world.

Now it is entering a new stage, in response to the need of users communicating with each other, making the CM exponentially more useful to everyone individually and collectively. In the next five years it will create a virtual platform for the community of the Communication Matrix users to meet and share their experiences and generate new knowledge, learn about the Matrix, work together and support each other, among many other things that such a platform makes possible.

This community has the potential to be very significant as the CM has already thousands of users in the United States and around the world. To see where in the US and in the world the CM is being implemented check  out this cool link.

Some of the most frequent users have been service providers like myself and families of students who are deaf-blind, as many of these students are in the first levels of communication. My hope is that these people will join the CM virtual community when it is finally open so they can share their voices, knowledge and inquiries.

And, for those who want to know more about the Communication Matrix, visit the  web page. It's easy to use and follow. 



Topic: Gloria: The Communication Matrix Evolving into a Virtual Community

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