California Deafblind Services

Gloria: Long Distance Technology and Biscotti

01/14/2013 11:05

California Deaf-Blind Services (CDBS) has been providing technical assistance throughout the state for over two decades.  Given our small staff size and the large area we have to cover, we are always looking for new ways to maximize our resources and increase our effectiveness.  Recently we have been using long distance technology to expand our reach, for instance by revamping our website, creating a  Facebook page, and using Google Plus to for meetings and working with other service providers.

A new part of this effort is our offer to give families a device called a Biscotti so that we can make "virtual home visits."  The idea is to be able to continue to support the child's care providers after we have provided a first on-site visit, or have had a face-to-face contact outside of the home environment.

The Biscotti connects to the family’s television set and uses Wi-Fi access to connect with our offfice TV through the internet. When you communicate through the Biscotti it provides a wide view of the room where it is located allowing us to see and hear the caregiver and the child or any other person who is in the room.

A number of caregivers have already joined this new pilot project.  If you would like to be included and receive the benefits of our follow-up support, please contact your CDBS service provider.  Our Biscotti information sheet will give you more detailed information.