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Gloria: New Apps and Resources for iPad

04/10/2012 09:30

The use of the iPad is growing and the more we explore its use the more we find new, fun, and interesting apps (applications) and resources. I just had the opportunity to do a training for the Blind Childrens Center in Los Angeles, California about the iPad and its use for young children.  I shared some of the apps that I listed in my previous blog along with some new resources.  It was recommended that I add the name of the company that makes the app to ensure that you are buying the correct one, because some have very similar names.  So please find below a revised version of my original list with company names, and additional apps and resources.

Cause and effect apps where child can touch anywhere on the iPad
• Baby Finger HD (by DJ International)
• Bubbles (by Hog Bay Software)
• Fun Fireworks (by Matthew Tomlinson)
• Fluidity HD (by nebulus design)
• Fun Play Piano HD FREE (by Victor Ren)
• Awesome (by Tiny Mobile Inc.)

Cause and effect apps where child needs to touch in specific areas on the iPad
• Pocket Pond (by TriggerWave LLC)
• Peekaboo Barn (by Night & Day Studios, Inc.)
• Fun Shooting Stars (by Lewis Johnson)

Book for young children where child needs to touch in specific areas on the iPad
• Go Away Big Green Monster (by Night & Day Studios, Inc.)

Child needs to take in the whole scene and touch on specific characters or objects
• Itsy Bitsy Spider HD (by Duck Duck Moose)

Early Learning
• Zoo Train (Busy Bee Studios)
• Match it Up 1  (
• My A-Z  (by Night & Day Studios, Inc.)
• Build-it-up (
• All-in-One Big Trace Combo Free Lite (by Brain Counts)

Dexterity and Problem Solving
• Imazing (by Fiendsoft)
• Dexteria  (by BinaryLabs)
• Fruit Ninja HD (by Halfbrick Studios)

• Verbal Victor (by Seed Stage Associates)
• Tap to Talk (by Assistyx LLC)

New list of resources that you may want to check out:

Archived Webinar by Perkins School for the Blind
“Appsolutely Engaging and Educational” presented by Eric Jerman

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