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Gloria/David/Ty: Creativity and Education

06/15/2009 14:39

Here is a link (also viewable directly below) to a really good short video that has huge relevance for anyone working in the field of deaf-blind education. It also fits very nicely with an upcoming article about motivators in the next issue of reSources coming out on July 15.




Topic: Gloria/David/Ty: Creativity and Education

Date: 02/08/2010

By: cristi mercedes saylor

Subject: creativity and education

sir robinson is so right! i would add that the trend toward accountability and testing have pushed good teachers to teach to the tests and leave out the fun stuff such as art, music, and science, which is very creative and sadly never taught that way! hopefully we can put back these fun and creative subjects into our children's lives.


Date: 10/25/2009

By: Sue Douglass

Subject: creativity and education

Thanks for this video. I couldn't agree with Robinson more! I am thankful practicing my profession encourages creativity also!