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06 - Ideas For Recreation and Leisure Activities

04/03/2009 10:40

Fact Sheet 06 - Ideas For Recreation and Leisure Activities

Both parents and professionals frequently have difficulty developing a variety of ideas for including individuals with dual sensory impairments in recreation and leisure activities. The goal of both parents and professionals is to include the person in home, school, and community activities. Areas to consider within recreation and leisure are activities for private time, time with family members, time with friends, and break time at school or work. These activities should be fun, age-appropriate and based upon the choices of the individual with dual sensory impairments.

Choices for teaching activities should be based upon family activities, neighborhood activities, school activities, and an observation of the individual within those activities. The family member or teacher assisting with the instruction can work on a small step of the total activity, can teach basic skills needed for the activity (e.g., communication skills, motor skills, social skills, etc.), and/or can use adaptive devices to allow the individual to compensate for the areas of need.

Charts giving some suggestions for age appropriate activities, the modifications needed for individuals with individuals with dual sensory impairments, and where to find needed materials are available from CDBS in paper form only.

Fact sheets from California Deaf-Blind Services are to be used by both families and professionals serving individuals with dual sensory impairments. The information applies to students 0-22 years of age. The purpose of the fact sheet is to give general information on a specific topic. More specific information for an individual student can be provided through individualized technical assistance available from CDBS. The fact sheet is a starting point for further information.



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