California Deafblind Services

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Valerie's Personal Passport

Leaving Home: An Interview with Jackie Kenley

 Parent to Parent:  Understanding Stress and Strategies for Coping 

Growing With Your Child

Family Reflections: From the COPE-DB Picnic in Southern California, August 21, 2010

 The MAPs Planning Process for Our Daughter Alexis 

The MAPs Process from an Intern’s Perspective  

10 Tips From The Parenting Trenches

Love Not Fear: Learning About Life From Norman

 Helping Children Want to Do Things: Identifying and Using Motivators 

 Sharing Information to Improve Your Children's Learning Experiences at School 

Third Person and Prompt Dependency

Communication Between Family and School: Creating a Communication Notebook that Works

The Minute You Walk in the Door

Time To Eat (On Overcoming Nearly Impossible Obstacles)

 Living With Late-Onset Seizures 

 Some Considerations and Strategies When Working With Latino Families 

 Things to Remember When Requesting an Intervener for Your Child 

‘Knowing The Child’ — Personal Passports

A Well Planned Move

Conservatorship:  What's It All About?

Is Knowing My Son's Etiology Really That Important?


Gifts From My  Sister


Brothers and Sisters:  Strategies for Supporting Siblings of Children who are Deaf-Blind

Juanito's Achievements:  Improvement through Team Work

What's in a Name? or A Parent's Coming to Terms with the Diagnosis of Deaf-Blindness

The Impact of Having a Child who is Deafblind on the Family

Mental Health Concerns for Families:  Results of a Focus Group Study on Deafblindness

Making Connections:  Families Sharing Information and Experiences

   Communicating with Bruno   

   The Kinship of my Kids:  A Mom's Perspective   

Strategies for Enhancing Relationships Among Siblings

Sisters and Brothers Speak Out

Taking the Fear Out Of Sex Education

Inappropiate Sexual Behaviors

Puberty Again?

Sexuality and the Deaf-Blind Child

   I Have a Sister.  My Sister is Different:  So What!   

Adam's Our Little Brother

My Sister, My Friend

 He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother 

 How My Deaf-Blind Sister Influenced My Life 

My Helper

The Sibling Support Group

Some Gems of Wisdom

Fact Sheets

 6 - Ideas for Recreation and Leisure Activities 

18 - Alphabet Soup

 20 - Strategies for Successful Medical/Dental Appointments for Individuals who are Deaf-Blind 

26 - Considerations When Assessing Children & Youth of Spanish Speaking Families

28 - Maintaining a Home-School Relationship

31 - Strategies for Minimizing the Risk of Sexual Abuse

32 - Brothers and Sisters: Supporting Siblings of Children who are Deaf-Blind

44 - Integrating Your Child Who Is Deaf-Blind Into Groups:  Strategies for Families and Caregivers