California Deafblind Services

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 Valerie's Personal Passport 
 Self-Determination: An Overview 
Sensory Confusion
"Mind the Gap":  A Reflection on Leaving the Public School System
Beyond the Classroom and into the School Community
Developing and Maintaining Community Connections and Friendships
Making the Case for Social Skills
Deaf-Blindness, Self-Regulation, and Availability for Learning:  Some Thoughts on Educating Children with CHARGE Syndrome
Routine-Based Learning
Interns' Reflections:  On Educational Strategies for Students who are Deaf-Blind
 Helping Children Want to Do Things: Identifying and Using Motivators 
The Roles and Responsibilities of Team Members for a Student Who is Deaf-Blind
Fundamental Classroom Conditions to Enhance Learning Experiences for Students Who Are Deaf-Blind
Rethinking Circle Time
Third Person and Prompt Dependency
Communication Between Family and School: Creating a Communication Notebook that Works
The minute you walk in the door
Some Considerations and Strategies When Working With Latino Families
    Thinking Deep Thoughts
‘Knowing The Child’ — Personal Passports
A Classroom Teacher’s Perspective
Juanito's Achievements:  Improvement through Team WorkJuanito's Achievements:  Improvement through Team Work   
Follow the Child - Approaches to Assessing the Functional Vision and Hearing of Young Children with Congenital Deaf-Blindness
Designing Educational Services for Students who are Deaf-Blind in General Education Classrooms
Can My Child Play, Too?
A Real Circle
 Taking the Fear Out Of Sex Education 
 Inappropiate Sexual Behaviors 
Puberty Again?
Sexuality and the Deaf-Blind Child
Dr. Jan van Dijk
Fact Sheets
21 - Supported Education
28 - Maintaining a Home-School Relationship
31 - Strategies for Minimizing the Risk of Sexual Abuse
36 - Successful Transitions Between Programs
41 - A Self-Evaluation Guide for Assessing the Quality of Your Interactions with a Student who is Deaf-Blind